Wolf Boy

The death of Francis, cool older brother and affectionate son, leaves each member of the Harrelson family struggling to make sense of a changed world.  Parents Gene and Helen lose themselves in separate fantasies, ten-year-old Crispy envisions herself carried away by pop star Marky Mark, and his ghost seemingly haunts Francis’s fiancée.  But the story’s central character is Francis’s brother Stephen, an imaginative thirteen-year-old boy who copes by creating a comic book universe with the help of his quirky girlfriend, Nicole.  As Wolf Boy, Stephen manages to find power and pride despite the absence of his real life hero.  These fictional adventures are featured throughout the book, introducing a graphic novel subplot that adds both humor and visual interest to this moving tale of hope and redemption.

And that’s where we come in.  Author Evan Kuhlman and Shaye Areheart Books editor Sally Kim hired us to illustrate the graphic novel narrative in this novel.  In Wolf Boy you’ll find over 40 pages of comic book art depicting the further adventures of the superhero Wolf Boy and his allies Wolf Daddy, Lila Butterfly and the recently departed Wolf Brother.  Villains are also lurking within these pages: Clock Man, Iguana Man and The Interrupter, to name a few.  This was quite an enjoyable experience for us as we were allowed to participate in much of the creative process, and also given the freedom to make the comic stories as long and complex as we wanted (although the stories were already so well written there wasn’t much to add).  Our main goal was to make the comic books stories flow with the storytelling and give them that appropriate “superhero comic book” feel.

We also know how lucky we were to be hired by, and work with, these great and talented individuals.  Sally and Evan knew they really needed an artist with just the right style. Fortune smiled on us when Evan one day clicked onto our website and said, “These are the guys!”  So, let this be a very public THANK YOU to everyone associated with this novel, author Evan Kuhlman (keep an eye on this guy, he’s gonna be BIG!), editor Sally Kim (what a sweetheart!), Daniel Lazar, Paige Alexander, Kira Stevens, and Kathleen Kennedy.

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