One of the reasons we’ve achieved the level of success we are currently at is because of Knights of the Dinner Table. We’ve been a contributor to the monthly magazine since #58 released August 2001. We’re the regular artists for the “Good, Bad, and the Ugly” character stats section, the “Deadly Trappings” article, “Rustler of the Night,” and “All Things Magic.” When the magazine did an interior redesign, we were asked to illustrate over 18 mastheads for their many articles.

We’ve also done several covers for KoDT starting with issue #100. We’ve done the KoDT: Black Hands #2 cover, the Origins Special 2003 and 2004 covers, the Diamond Exclusive KoDT #1 cover, the covers for Bundles of Trouble #12, 14, and 16 and the Tales from the Vault #5 cover.  Many of our recent covers, many of which parody classic comic book covers, are sampled below.

“Brendon and Brian Fraim have worked as artists for KenzerCo for many years contributing to the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, the HackMaster Role-playing Game and Knights of the Dinner Illustrated.

“Their talents have been invaluable to the company and have elevated the quality of everything they illustrate. Not only is their art always topnotch, but also their work ethic is tremendous. We never have to worry about them turning in anything late. Their quick turnaround time is awesome and vital. We can always count on them whenever we need them. Whatever we need, all we have to do is describe it to them and it will be done with excellence.

“They are the most reliable and most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my too many to count years in the business.”

Jolly R. Blackburn
Creator of KoDT and Kenzer & Co. Vice-President


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