"I have commissioned almost 8/9 comic book blank covers from Brendon & Brian and I absolutely love their work...not only is it detailed, but super clean and easy to look at. It is soooo good, that it could pass for an original on a comic book shelf. I can't wait to get more from you both!! Thank you for making my collection extra special!!"

-Al C., NV


"Frankly, I look at hundreds of pieces a day and I've grown to really enjoy your work. It's detailed, polished, bright and aesthetically pleasing. You use dynamic poses with precisely-layered, geometric backgrounds. You're unafraid to draw hands (gasp!). The coloring, shading and contrast are terrific. I'd rather have more of your art than others I'm encountering."

-Adam H., IN


"Showed the pencils to a few of the guys after game last night. Like me, they were floored by the quality of your work."

-Andrew F., OK


“Hey, these guys are great! Their work actually makes the KODT-team laugh out loud. After ten years of writing KODT, that ain’t easy to do…”

-Bob Burke, Art Director Kenzer & Co.


“Commission came out exactly as I had imagined. The brothers were fantastic to deal with, and provided regular updates. I would recommend their talents to anyone looking to hang a nice piece of artwork on their wall.”

-Scott K., AL


“I just wanted to let you know that the commission arrived today in the mail, and I love it!  You both did a fantastic job on it!  The fine line work on the fur on Lynette's arms is incredible!  I don't know of any other artists who would put so much effort into that kind of detail.  I swear, the pencil preview you sent me was great, but the finished product just blows me away!  I'm going to show this off to my gaming group this week, I think they'll get a real kick out of it!”

Brendan M., MD


"I've been collecting art for a long, long time, and I can't say enough about what a great job these guys do. Three cheers and a tiger to the Brothers Fraim!"

-John P., TX


"Just opened the new artwork and it is AMAZING! I love the dynamic interplay of characters and “animated” feel in both movement and facial expression (spider queen and succubus are EXTREMELY lifelike and VERY memorable!). I know you guys are swamped; I try not to go on too much when I receive them, but want you to know genuinely that they mean a great deal to me. Your work has brought fresh light to my collection and helped to re-charge my imagination."

-Anthony T., KY


“Had a 2nd commission done by the Fraims. They are quick, clean, professional and get your ideas on paper perfectly. It’s as if they read your mind. Always a pleasure.”

-Stephen B., PA


“We are very pleased to have chosen the Fraim brothers to provide their magnificent art for both the covers and interiors for our Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated comic. We’ve found that their clean style is just the right formula that we wanted to bring the title into the future. The Fraim brothers are fantastic artists who we knew could draw the stories in just the right way. In fact, since we’ve begun working with them, they literally have us laughing out loud when we review their submissions. And that’s just what we want for a humor title like Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated. They’ve also proven very easy to work with. So much so, that we now have them illustrating many of the monsters for our HackMaster RPG Hacklopedia of Beasts products. Good job guys!

Brian Jelke, Vice President of Kenzer & Company.