Out in the African Savannah, it can be pretty hard to come by something to eat, and in Goodman Games hilarious new card game, Scavenger Hunt, you play as one of six critters looking for your next meal. You can play as a Lizard, Jackal, Leopard, Vulture, Crocodile, or Hyena and the object of the game is to retrieve as many tasty carcasses as you can to bring home to your lair for leisurely consumption.

The game was created and designed by Gunnar Hultgren and features:

  • Game design optimized for anywhere from 2 to 6 players
  • Each player controls their own carrion-eater as they battle over the prey animals of the Savannah
  • Event cards and Skullduggery cards add excitement and intrigue to the game
  • Win by stealth, speed, or strength!

Below are some of the 110 images we completed. This was a fun project, and we’ve never done a complete card game before. The game has a scheduled release date of August 2005 and you can learn more information about Scavenger Hunt at

Be the best carrion-eater you can be!