The Three Stooges have been a staple of family viewing on the big screen and TV for generations!  And now American Mythology Productions is proud to pay homage to these classic funnymen, and all their slapstick antics that has made The Three Stooges a household name, and brought them back to comic books with brand new misadventures!  The biggest news of all is we’re drawing those antics!

Yes, we have the honor and privilege to be drawing Larry, Moe, and Curly!  This is the first licensed property that we’ve worked on that is known throughout America and the world!  We are both working extra hard to get the likenesses right and draw those antics with enough “slapstick-ery” to give readers the quality stories that Stooge fans deserve!

The end result of all this hard work is a wonderful tribute that will add to the legacy of The Three Stooges.  Be ready for all the eye poking, hair pulling, and face slapping you can handle as the original Three Stooges return for more absurd hi-jinks!

The Boys will be returning to comic shops in 2021 with new adventures and zaniness from American Mythology!


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