KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE - THE COMIC BOOK SERIES follows the exploits of four kids, KEVIN, MAGGIE, BEN and NIV as they battle Morgan le Fay and try to save the world from her forces of evil. It all begins with Kevin being visited by the famous Merlin the Magician, who warns Kevin of the imminent danger the world faces from Morgan. Confronted with the sword in the stone, Excalibur, Kevin frees it and he and his friends are transported to a land where magic still rules, where knights and wizards and dragons still roam, and where Merlin is imprisoned. Kevin and the kids band together to fight Morgan and find Merlin, all the while trying to help the people they meet. It's a quest that combines the best of EXCALIBUR and THE FUGITIVE with a dash of THE X-FILES and the romance of timeless children's classics.

Meet the characters from our world and the Land of Magic that will be pivotal in the series –

KEVIN MCKNIGHT -- Kevin is a hero in the Arthurian tradition. Brave, selfless, and bright he is nonetheless humble and compassionate. He is serious without being dour, and can actually be pretty funny sometimes. Extremely athletic, Kevin excels in the martial art of aikido. In short, he is everything we want in a born leader. Kevin is extremely loyal to his friends, and quite smitten with Maggie, although like most boys his age, unable to give word to his feelings.
MAGGIE WINTHROP -- Maggie is a beautiful young tomboy. She embodies many of the same virtues as Kevin as well as his expertise in the martial art of aikido. Her unspoken feelings for Kevin (like his own) will often lead the two of them into trouble.
BEN CHOI -- Ben is the quintessential science nerd. Don't let his lack of athleticism fool you, however. Many times Ben's knowledge of science and the scientific apparatus he carries in his backpack will save the day for the kids. In addition, his bravery will never be questioned. If Ben has an Achilles heel, it will be how homesick he is for his home and family.
NIV -- Niv is the only one of the kids to come from the land of magic. He is a student of Merlin, who appears to Niv in dreams to give instruction. Unfortunately Niv's magic powers are very much in a formative stage and aren't much help to the kids. In fact, his lack of control over them occasionally leads to big trouble. Niv is darkly handsome and very mysterious. He and Kevin instantly becomes lifelong friends, not unlike Merlin and Arthur.
MERLIN -- The greatest magician of all time needs no introduction. Merlin has been trapped for fifteen hundred years by the forces of evil. While his body is imprisoned his mind is not and he is able to travel in the land of dreams. Merlin lives to serve the good of mankind and to protect humanity from the dark forces of evil.
MORGAN LE FAY -- The opposite of Merlin, Arthur's evil half-sister lives to rule men and plunge the world into darkness and despair. She is beautiful but deadly, charming but heartless. She is desperate to gain control over Excalibur.
THE LADY OF THE LAKE -- The most mysterious of characters in this mythos, the Lady seems to want good but her methods of going about it are often confusing. She is incapable of giving a straight answer, won't come when called, yet intervenes often at the most important of times. Perhaps the lady is a lifeline directly to God. We just don't know. She will inject the "X-Files"-like sense of both confusion and hidden purpose to everything.