Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil is based on the 300 year old legend told throughout southern New Jersey. The legend is about a Mrs. Leeds, who was the thirteenth daughter and had thirteen children. Her thirteenth child was born a demonic monster that killed her and it’s siblings, flew up the chimney and has been haunting the Pine Barrens ever since.

Tony’s comic is based on a man, J.D. Leeds, who lives in the Pine Barrens like a hermit and through him, Tony tells stories based on the Jersey Devil mythos.

We did the art for issue number 7 and 10. Issue 7 is the all violence, foul language issue. Issue 10 is an historical account of press agent Norman Jeffries who put the Jersey Devil on display in 1909, which became one of the greatest hoaxes of its time.

If you’d like to see more of Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil, link to his site at www.thefixsite.com

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