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Commission Guidelines

Here is your opportunity to own some original artwork by the Brothers Fraim! Your favorite comic book superhero? The KoDT strip characters? Your RPG or superhero character? Tell us what you want!

Commissions are on bristol board illustration paper, using permanent India ink, penciled by Brendon and inked with a brush by Brian. A version of your requested artwork will be sent to you in pencil form, via email, to see if you like it.

Please be aware that all commission requests are subject to the judgments of the artists. Basically, we will only takes commission requests that we will enjoy drawing. (PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER DRAW REAL PEOPLE. This includes your wife, husband, children, etc. We will still draw celebrities, actors, and other famous people. Thank you.) 

Prices will vary depending on the complexity of each commission. New prices effective 7/22/2013.

Single figure (9 in. x 12 in.) - $40
Two to four figures (9 in. x 12 in.) - $60
five or more figures (9 in. x 12 in.) - $90
COLOR single figure (9 in. x 12 in.) - $80
COLOR two to four figures (9 in. x 12 in.) - $120 Color artwork is colored with Dick Blick Studio Artist's Markers.

Single figure (11 in. x 17 in.) - $60
Two to four figures Black & White (11 in. x 17 in.)- $90
five or more figures (11 in. x 17 in.) - $120

Cover Recreations - We can recreate any cover, including the logo and any text (no photocopies or stats here, text will be done by hand). These will be 11x17 and start at $125. Prices may go higher depending on the complexity of the cover.

COLOR SKETCH CARDS- One character - $15 Each

(US funds, only)

The artwork will be mailed in a heavy envelope with cardboard and the above prices include shipping. Artwork will be sent via U.S. mail. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS- Due to increased shipping costs, anyone who lives outside the USA will have to add $10 for shipping to Canada, and $20 for shipping to anywhere else in the world. An additional invoice will be sent with these stated amounts if necessary. Thanks!

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We accept cash, money orders, personal checks (made payable to Brian Fraim), and we also accept Paypal. If paying via Paypal, use fraimworks@verizon.net or you can mail your other form of payment to:

PO Box 063
Hatboro, PA 19040

You can expect your artwork it 2-4 weeks at the most. And Thank You for your support!

Here are some samples of commissions that we've done in the past along with some quotes from a few of our satisfied customers:

Batman & Robin Superman
Batman & Robin Superman
Batman & Robin Superman

"Showed the pencils to a few of the guys after game last night. Like me, they were floored by the quality of your work."

-Andrew Franklin, OK

“I just wanted to let you know that the commission arrived today in the mail, and I love it!  You both did a fantastic job on it!  The fine line work on the fur on Lynette's arms is incredible!  I don't know of any other artists who would put so much effort into that kind of detail.  I swear, the pencil preview you sent me was great, but the finished product just blows me away!  I'm going to show this off to my gaming group this week, I think they'll get a real kick out of it!”

Brendan Michielli, MD

"I've been collecting art for a long, long time, and I can't say enough about what a great job these guys do. Three cheers and a tiger to the Brothers Fraim!"

-John Petty, TX

"Just opened the new artwork and it is AMAZING! I love the dynamic interplay of characters and “animated” feel in both movement and facial expression (spider queen and succubus are EXTREMELY lifelike and VERY memorable!). I know you guys are swamped; I try not to go on too much when I receive them, but want you to know genuinely that they mean a great deal to me. Your work has brought fresh light to my collection and helped to re-charge my imagination."

-Anthony Terry, KY